Hello! My name is Golam Mahmud Mamun, and I enjoy skydive, red roses by the armful and participation jokes.

Just kidding! I am not a fan of any of those things (except the participation jokes …I mean a joke is thought that has a setup and punchline). More seriously, my friends would describe me as easy-going, a good listener, a short story writer, a religious storyteller, a traveler, a photographer, have sympathy for the poor, a native language speaker, childhood storyteller, and a good human being.

I am very passionate about my native country, Bangladesh. I am currently living in the USA for the last 15 years. I am an electrical engineer and currently working at the United States Patent & Trademark Office as Patent Examiner for the last five years. When I usually travel to the office via VRE (Virginia Railway Express), I utilize that 40 minutes of spare time with writing a short story, poem, and thinking about traveling the world. That’s why I always say I am a very joyful person who mightily enthusiastic about writing, sports and travel as well.

In my copious free time, I enjoy playing cricket, watching movies, reading books and spending time with my beloved daughter Fatiha Mahmud.

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